For 8th consecutive year, Goran Schildt Regatta takes place from 10th to 14th of September 2017 on the Island of Leros.

“ The Regatta is sailed in order to honour the memory of the Finnish author and sailor Göran Schildt. He had a curious mind, he was multiculturally oriented and he also had a life-affirming vision of life. He once said that the Agean sea was ‘A sailor’s paradise’. This is what the GS regatta is all about, an opportunity to sail in the Aegean sea, to meet interesting people from many different countries and to enjoy culture. The participants in the regatta will learn to know new people, they will learn from each other and in the long run this will increase the acceptance for cultural differences.” (Source : Villa Schildt )

2017 – A jubilee Regatta

2017 is a special year for The Goran Schildt Regatta, as 100 years are completed since the year that Goran Schildt was born.

The Regatta, covers 100 nautical miles and 5 destinations, making 2017 a special event with sailors from allover the world.

Leros Marina – A proud supporter.

As every year, Leros Marina strongly supports the organization of the biggest sailing event of Leros.
Furthermore, the boats that take part at the Regatta, can find a berth in our Marina, free of charge!

For More information about the program of the Regatta, please press HERE

*The free of charge berthing refers only to the days that the race is in Leros and only for specific berths. Electricity and water supply is charge according to the official price list.
For more information please contact the Marina Office

Leros Marina, Evros S.A


Leros Marina, Evros S.A., was established in 1989, when the rocky land overlooking the beautiful Lakki harbor was acquired. Lakki was used from the Italians as a naval station and aeronautics base for the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean during the Italian possession of the Dodecanese Islands from 1913 to 1943. The area that was selected is found in the north-eastern part and at the head of Lakki bay, GPS: 37o 07’42.30″ N – 26o 51’20.50″ E, at the precise point where the Italians moored their hydroplanes. On this private land, a new yacht harbor and marina has been created. It was the first Marina and Boatyard in the South East Aegean Greek waters.



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