Renowned for its natural beauty

Located in the South East Aegean Sea, between Patmos and Kalimnos, Leros is renowned for its natural beauty and tranquility. With deep, sheltered natural bays, such as the picturesque Lakki Harbour, a coast line of 82km long and waters of great visibility (as it is a volcanic island), is the ideal place for lots of activities, such as sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing etc. There are also several shipwrecked warships, airplanes and tankers (a result of Second World War) and numerous underwater caves. One can take advantage of wonderful safe beaches on the east and west coasts, which are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Leros is mountainous and consists of three peninsulas joined by two isthmuses, with a total area of 54 square miles and has a population of 10,000 people.
The Capital of Leros is Platanos, in the outskirts of which is Agia Marina, the old mediaeval port. Agriculture and fishing are the main economic activities of the island supported by shops and services. The fertile valleys in the centre of the island yield olives, figs, carobs, tobacco, fruit and grapes. The development of tourism on Leros is a relatively new phenomenon which adds to its authenticity and charm.


Leros Island’s map 

Leros Climate

As a Greek island regulated by the Mediterranean Sea, Leros island offers throughout the whole year a very mild weather with temperatures between12o and 21o Celsius degrees during winter and spring time and between 25o and 31o Celsius degrees during summer time. Especially between April and end of October, you can enjoy really beautiful weather conditions offering memorable sailing moments.

Leros Weather 

Leros History

Among the cluster of the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea, east of the Cyclades and off the southwest coast of Turkey (Asia Minor, where Greeks lived since the prehistoric period, until 1922), is Leros Island. It is believed that Leros and Kalymnos just to the southeast comprise the Kalydnian isles referred to by Homer, famous in ancient times for its honey and for the temple of Artemis. The island was associated in antiquity with the cult of Artemis (worship of the mother-goddess). Archaeological findings have proved that the island was inhabited during the Neolithic Period.Its first inhabitants were the Carians, succeeded by Cretans, Ionians, Byzantines and Rhodians. Between 1314 and 1523, the island was under the reign of Knights of Saint John of Rhodes and then passed into the domination of the Ottoman Empire till 1913 when for once more the island changed “hands”. For 30years (1913-1943), the Italians took over Leros and used it as their main naval base (Lakki port was used as a naval station and aeronautics base for the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean).

Italians were succeeded by the Germans and from the 12th to the 16th November 1943, the Battle of Leros took place and the island was liberated by the Greek “Sacred Battalion”. Then again, the island was reoccupied from the Germans till the 5th of May 1945 when the English took over Leros for the next two years. The 7th of March 1947, Leros, as the rest of the Dodecanese Islands became part of the newly built Greek State.

Leros History

Leros Marina, Evros S.A


Leros Marina, Evros S.A., was established in 1989, when the rocky land overlooking the beautiful Lakki harbor was acquired. Lakki was used from the Italians as a naval station and aeronautics base for the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean during the Italian possession of the Dodecanese Islands from 1913 to 1943. The area that was selected is found in the north-eastern part and at the head of Lakki bay, GPS: 37o 07’42.30″ N – 26o 51’20.50″ E, at the precise point where the Italians moored their hydroplanes. On this private land, a new yacht harbor and marina has been created. It was the first Marina and Boatyard in the South East Aegean Greek waters.



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