Welcome to our Customer Satisfaction!

In our self-image as a "Yacht Hotel", we strive daily to offer you and your yacht as our guests the best possible service and an unforgettable and comfortable stay in Leros Marina.
If you are not satisfied: tell us. If you are satisfied: tell others.
We would be pleased if you would like to take a few minutes and tell us your assessment and suggestions on this questionnaire.
Thank you very much for that!

Getting to know each other, initial contact and recommendation
How did you hear about us?
Service mooring & berthing / marina & boat handling
Good reachability of the marina by phone / VHF
Kindness and comprehensibility of the employee
Availability and provision of a berth
Help and support with pilot boat and line handling
Professionalism of the staff at Mooring / Berthing
“My First impression”
Mooring at the pontoon
Space and safety for my boat, distance and mooring to neighboring boat
Technical condition and cleanliness of pontoon and mooring
Briefing and further information by mooring man (e.g. marina office, paperwork, etc.)
Condition and safety of the mooring ropes
Functionality and availability of electricity and water
Waste disposal and environmental protection, waste separation
Handling travel lift / crawler and pressure wash
Kindness and helpfulness of the staff
Care and helpfulness when handling boats
Condition and functionality of the crane systems and transporters
Care and thoroughness in pressure wash
Berth on land / dry dock
Assignment and localization on land
Assembly and securing
Condition and safety of the cradle
Cleanliness of site
Supply of electricity
Provision of ladders, pallets, etc.
Long-term / winter service
Supply of water & electricity
Availability and connections
Condition and function of pillar, token and display
Marina office & management
Kindness and helpfulness of the staff
Professionalism and expertise
Effort, reliability and time to solve my request
Clarity and transparency in inquiries, orders, agreements, invoices
Billing, administration and contracts
Transparency and clarity of invoices, contracts and billing
Kindness and helpfulness of the office staff
Pricing of marina fees
Mooring / Marina costs (short-term / long-term contracts)
Water, electricity
Extra services, repairs
Sanitary facilities, WC, showers, cleanliness
Number and availability of showers and toilets
Cleanliness, functionality, condition, equipment
Service and friendliness of the cleaning staff
Environmental Protection
Washing machines / driers
Number and availability of appliances
Operating instructions and commissioning
Technical condition and cleanliness
Service staff, technicians & craftsmen
Kindness and communication with technicians
Understandability for my concern / assignment
Professionalism and professional qualification during implementation
Quality, care, reliability, time and execution of the work
Availability and quality of spare parts and material
Pricing and billing
Service boat care & repairs
Kindness and communication with employees
Understandability for my concern / assignment
Professionalism and professional qualification during implementation
Quality, care, reliability, time and execution of the work
Availability and quality of spare parts and material
Pricing and billing
Spare parts, materials at ship chandler, external service
Kindness and helpfulness of the staff in the shop
Expertise and quality of advice, recommendation for problem solving
Assortment, selection and availability of items
In case of non-availability: proposed solution, time-to-order, and alternative offer
Ext. partners, suppliers, workshops, services (e.g. fuel, water, mechanics, crafters, sailmaker)
Availability of approved specialists (e.g. air-conditioning, hydraulics, electronics, communications)
Special services for life vests, life rafts, fire extinguishers, dive equipment and filling, fireworks
Restaurant "Skippers"
Location and ambience
Number and availability of seats and tables (terrace / interior)
Cleanliness, equipment, decoration
Lighting and music
Kindness and communication with service staff
Attention and waiting time with order and service
Offer, quality and choice of food and drinks
Daily specials ("catch / drink of the day")
Special offers for Marina customers and contractors
Accessibility and cleanliness of the toilets
Pricing and billing on payment
Reservation and table decoration
Parking and rental vehicles
Number and provision of parking areas
Signposting and accessibility
Order and supply of rental vehicles
Handling and billing
Overall condition, cleanliness and safety in the marina area
Cleanliness and first visual impression
Availability of rubbish bins and containers
Disposal of hazardous substances and waste separation
Practiced environmental protection with appropriate references
Security, control and surveillance of the site in the absence, at night.
Feeling of safety for guests and boats
Open requests, suggestions, and suggestions for improvement
What I want to tell you
What I wish for when I come back next year / in three years
If I were director of this marina / company, I would do / change the following

We thank you very much for your time and suggestions, which we take very seriously and clearly show your wishes and expectations.
Only in this way can we improve in the future and offer you the best service and offers in Leros Marina that you expect from us.

If you like a personal feedback from us, we appreciate to get in touch with you.