Flights to Leros
There are  scheduled flights to and from  Athens via Olympic Airways, during the whole year. During winter time (October 31st to March 24th ) there are three flights per week. During middle season (March 25th to May 31st ) there are daily flights and during high season there are flights twice per day. There are also flights connecting Leros with Kos, Rhodes, Kalimnos and Astipalea.

The airport is in the Northeast of the island in Partheni, 17km from Lakki, only 20 minutes from the marina by car or by taxi.


Ferries to Leros

There are daily ferries (Bluestar Ferries), connecting Leros with Piraeus and other islands (Syros, Patmos, Kalimnos, Kos, Rhodes). The trip from Piraeus to Leros is 8 to 11 hrs with Bluestar Ferries.  The distance by ferry from  Leros to Kalimnos is 1hr, to Kos 1,5hrs, to Rhodes 6 hrs and to Siros 5 hrs.


During the summer there are daily catamarans connecting Leros to Kos (1hr10min.), to Patmos (45 min.), to  Rhodes (2hrs 30min).


The main port of Leros is Lakki harbor, only 5 minutes by car from our marina or  20 minutes on foot through  the picturesque  Lakki esplanade.


PLEASE NOTE : The above schedules may subject to changes during the year, according to the companies.